Top 5 Vitamins Women Need To Stay Healthy

Posted By: grn | February 14, 2017
Vitamins Women Need To Stay Fit And Healthy

Essential vitamins for women

The top 5 vitamins listed below are minerals we need for our wellbeing including . However, women’s vitamin needs are different from that of men because of their different bodies. Unaware of the bodily needs, a lot of women take anything labeled as vitamins. If you really want your body to obtain the maximum health benefits of vitamins, you must know which ones are suitable for you.


  • Vitamin A

It not only improves eyesight but also slows down aging. It boosts the immune system and lowers the risk of heart disease. Too much of it, however, can lead to toxic results. So, stick to the recommended daily dosage of 2,300 international units (IU).

  • B vitamins

All 8 of them, help maintain a sharp mind, good muscle tone, and healthy metabolism. Young women, in particular, needs a healthy amount of folic acid or Vitamin B9 to lower the risk of cancer and birth defects. Recommended daily dosage is 400 mcg (micrograms), while pregnant women should stick to 600 mcg.

  • Vitamin C

It is probably one of the most important vitamins for women. It has enough antioxidants to fend off wrinkles that most of the women dread having, especially at an early age. The antioxidants also aid in preventing heart diseases, eye illnesses, and pre-natal problems. They help boost the immune system.

  • Vitamin D

It is often considered a wonder drug because it is believed to help reduce the risk of breast cancer up to 50%. Additionally, it may help protect women from diabetes and ovarian cancer. On top of these, Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and muscle function. Recommended daily intake is at 1,000 to 2,000 IU.

  • Calcium and Iodine

Calcium protects women against the reality of losing bone density as early as their twenties. So, if you want to build strong teeth and maintain a healthy nervous system, you should start taking a daily dose of 1,000 mg calcium as early as possible.

Iodine is what the body needs to make thyroid hormones, which is responsible for regulating metabolism. Pregnant women need more of this for their developing baby and should take special care to get 220 mcg daily. Breastfeeding women should have 270 mcg of iodine daily. Women who are neither pregnant nor breastfeeding only needs 150 mcg daily.

To ensure you get the required amount of vitamins, take Liquid Multi-Vitamin & Mineral that is easier to absorb and good in taste.

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